June 13, 2024

Naomi May’s concerns about balance in celebrity documentaries are the wrong way round (From Beyoncé to Beckham: the worrying rise of one-sided celeb documentaries, 6 December). The subjects she mentions have been brutalised in the media. The attacks on them, from the Mirror’s David Beckham dartboard to the Mail’s description of Meghan Markle as “(almost) straight outta Compton”, will be in the public domain for ever. Is it so unreasonable that they should put their own truth on record?
Daniel Currie
Minehead, Somerset

Your report (Revealed: Sellafield nuclear site has leak that could pose risk to public, 5 December) reminded me of the late Les Barker’s Sellafield poem, Jason and the Arguments: “Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe / Said a spokesman, from a long way away.”
Dave Headey
Faringdon, Oxfordshire

I have always felt that physics was indeed “wobbly” (‘Wobbly spacetime’ may help resolve contradictory physics theories, 4 December), especially since I had to resit the A-level to get into medical school.
Dr Chris Ainsworth
Rossendale, Lancashire

New rules have been announced to limit the distance that golfers can hit tee shots (‘Ambulance chasers and alarmists’: USGA chief slams critics of new golf ball rules, 6 December). So smaller courses will be needed, leaving more space to build. The housing problem is solved.
Toby Wood

When we married 64 years ago, I was pleased that my husband could darn his own socks (The zero-waste wardrobe: five writers try sustainable fashion fixes, 6 December). I never did darn them as well as he did.
Helen Evans
Ruthin, Denbighshire

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